St. John’s, Waterbury

is an open, inclusive, God-centered Parish:
+ Recognizing Christ in Every Person,
Supporting each individual’s spiritual journey,
Nurturing all God’s children in the Peace of the Lord
+ Creating a community of sacramental worship,
hospitality, and compassion
+ Empowering people to serve and minister
Reaching out to heal and make new the broken world,
Proclaiming God’s promise in truth with courage.

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On the Waterbury Green since 1732

About Us

160327-congregationLocated prominently at one end of the city green, St. John’s has been a physical landmark and beacon of hope for greater Waterbury since the 18th century. We have given birth to Waterbury trademarks including St. Margaret's School for Girls (a founding school of today's Chase Collegiate School) and the Visiting Nurses Association.

We feel enlivened by the Holy Spirit, working through our parish to serve all of God’s children living in Waterbury and its surrounding towns. By being the focal point of Episcopal worship and social outreach programs, St. John’s is an essential part of the fabric of Waterbury. The scope of our community involvement prompted a former Rector to remark, “If St. John’s didn’t exist, Waterbury would have to invent it.”

St. John’s attracts members from nearly 40 communities. The majority of active members live in Waterbury and its neighboring towns of Middlebury, Prospect, Watertown, and Wolcott.

Our diverse and eclectic mix of parishioners has become like one big “family” where deep and lasting relationships are formed. As is the case with Waterbury’s own population, the number of Hispanic and African-American members at St. John’s continues to grow.

We are a living community who shares a desire to do the work of God and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the everyday world. We do this through community outreach, and by the rich Episcopal liturgy of our worship services rooted in the Book of Common Prayer.

160327-congregationCon un lugar prominente en la ciudad verde, la Iglesia de San Juan ha sido un hito físico y faro de esperanza para mayor Waterbury desde el siglo XVIII. Nos hemos dado a luz a instituciones históricas de Waterbury, incluyendo la Escuela de Santa Margarita para Niñas (una escuela fundador de Chase Collegiate School) y la Asociación de Enfermeras Visitadoras.

Sentimos animadas por el Espíritu Santo, trabajando a través de nuestra parroquia a todos los hijos de Dios viven en Waterbury y sus pueblos de los alrededores. Por ser el punto focal de culto Episcopal y programas de alcance social, La Iglesia de San Juan es una parte esencial del tejido de Waterbury. El alcance de nuestra participación en la comunidad provocó un ex Rector a observar, "Si la Iglesia de San Juan no existía, Waterbury tendría que inventarlo."

La Iglesia de San Juan atrae a los miembros de cerca de 40 comunidades. La mayoría de los miembros activos vivo en Waterbury y sus localidades vecinas de Middlebury, perspectiva, Watertown y Wolcott.

Nuestra feligreses diversas y eclécticas son como una gran "familia" donde se forman relaciones profundas y duraderas. Como es el caso de la población de Waterbury, el número de hispanos y afroamericanos sigue creciendo en la iglesia.

Somos una comunidad de vida que comparte el deseo de hacer el trabajo de Dios y proclamar el Evangelio de Jesucristo en el mundo cotidiano. Esto lo hacemos a través de relaciones con la comunidad y por la rica liturgia Episcopal de nuestros servicios de adoración en el libro de oración común.

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Jazz Sunday – December 18
Saint John’s Wings
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Announcements for Sunday, December 4, 2016

  • In the parish cycle of prayer, we pray for:
    En el ciclo parroquial de oracion, oremose por:

    Gail & Bill Kron; Lucylle & Brian Ladden; Edwina Lago; George MacDonald; Geneva, Scott & Maddison Crump.
  • We pray for those who have asked for our intercession:
    Oremos por los que pidan nuestro intercession:

    Active duty military personnel, Clark, John, M.J., Mr. B., Stephanie, Sarah H., Tony C., Barbara, Brianna, Don R., Ellen, Esther, Gina, Hamsa, Jack, Cara & Jonathan, Justino, Leo, Mary, Monica, Olivia, Pam, Paul, Paul G., Richard, Richard H., Tyler.
  • December Bible Study
    Please join Rev. Michael Carroll on three Wednesdays in December (7th, 14th, 21st) at 6:00pm for Biblically Speaking bible study and light pot luck supper. Please bring food to share.
  • Waterbury Chorale Concerts
    12/10/2016 at 8:00pm at St. Michael’s Church, Litchfield
    12/11/2016 at 4:00pm at St. John’s Church, Waterbury
    Ticket info: Call 203-723-0417 or go online at
  • Healing Service – December 11
    On the second Sunday of every month, there will be a healing service following the 9:30 service.
  • The church office will be closed
    Monday, December 26 and Friday, December 30
  • December’s collection for Safe Haven
    assists in providing services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Please consider donating one new pair of women’s or children’s mittens (all sizes). There is an ongoing need for diapers. Items may be dropped off at the church office anytime during office hours.
  • Outreach Matching Gift Contributions
    The Outreach Ministry of St. John’s Parish will match and donations received in the marked envelopes. Please indicate your donation’s destination.
  • Covenant to Care GIVING TREE
    Christmas gifts for kids in foster care. Please check the tree for additional gist recipients, select a tag from the tree, and return the tag and unwrapped gift to the church by December 18.

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