Christmas Day

Sermon for December 25, 2016 (Christmas Day)
Rev. Michael Carroll

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What a difference a year makes

Sermon for November 20, 2016 (Last Sunday after Pentecost – Christ the King)
Mr. Jay Anthony

Good morning my St. John’s family.

This is the time of year when either I or the clergy or some other lucky duck gets to come up here and with golden words attempt to get you to open your hearts and your wallets to pledge even more money to St. John’s for the next year. More money to keep us warm in the winter, well lit, plowed out, free flowing water, insured, clergy to keep us spiritually fulfilled, staff to give us clean spaces and office staff to keep us administratively sound! More of your hard earned cash to give us music and voices and someone to lead it all. This is the time when we get up before you to beg and wheedle. Read More